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Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Skin Care ProductsNatural Skin Care ProductsNatural Skin Care Products

Our Mission & Vision


Natural Minded Creations

Create and provide 100% pure, all natural, beneficial skin care products. 


Create all natural, safe, beneficial skin care products in a variety of scents. 

About Us


Embrace Natural, Simple Ingredients

To those who are tired of reading the long list of ingredients and wondering if they are safe or toxic: I am continually learning and looking for safe, all natural products for my skin/body and for my family.

  • BPA free plastic, least likely to leach chemicals
  • Glass jars used upon request
  • All products are created with 100% pure/all-natural ingredients and preservatives. They are made in a clean environment in stainless steel pots. 


Meet Owner & Founder Bonnie Rush, RN

I live in Elizabethtown Pa with my husband and two daughters that have changed the way I live, for the better. I love my career as a nurse and have been in the health field for almost 15 years. 

As a young adult, I didn't pay attention to the ingredients of the products I used. I trusted that it was safe. 


After having children, I was worried about what I was putting on their skin and in their bodies.   I started looking at ingredients more closely. I avoid preservatives when safe to do so and will use natural preservatives when needed to provide a safe product. I do my best to avoid anything toxic, artificial, genetically modified, added coloring etc. to try to be as healthy as possible to which is in my control.

The more I learn, the more I want to share. Please feel free to send me information on keeping our bodies happy and healthy. Make suggestions on a product you would like, an ingredient you want included, or a new scent. I love to experiment and will do my best to make my customers happy.