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Natural & Organic Skin Products

Our Mission & Vision


Natural Minded Creations

Create and provide 100% pure, all natural, beneficial skin care products. 


Create all natural, safe, beneficial skin care products in a variety of flavors and scents. 

Product expansions to include lotion, soap, and deodorant in the near future. 

About Us


Embrace Natural, Simple Ingredients

To those who are tired of reading the long list of ingredients and wondering if they are safe or toxic: I am continually learning and looking for safe, all natural products for my skin/body and for my family.

  • BPA free plastic, least likely to leach chemicals
  • Glass jars used upon request
  • All products are created with 100% pure/all-natural ingredients and preservatives. They are made in a clean environment in stainless steel pots. 


Meet Owner & Founder Bonnie Rush, RN

I live in Elizabethtown Pa with my husband and two daughters that have changed the way I live, for the better. I love my career as a nurse and have been in the health field for almost 15 years. 

As a young adult, I didn't pay attention to the ingredients of the products I used. I trusted that it was safe. After my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was told to avoid aluminum that is found in deodorants. That is when I started to pay more attention to what is in the products I used daily. 


After having children, I was worried about what I was putting on their skin and in their bodies. I started looking at ingredients more closely. The more I read, the more I realized that there are many ingredients to avoid. It is common and in many cases, necessary to have some type of preservative. Many preservatives are now known to be carcinogenic, but are deemed safe in small amounts. That did not sit well with me. 

I avoid preservatives and will use natural preservatives when needed to provide a safe product. I do my best to avoid anything toxic, artificial, genetically modified, added coloring etc. to try to be as healthy as possible to which is in my control. I will continue to better myself for myself, my family, friends and customers.